Is chess a sport

Keyword INVOLUNTARY still not physical activity. Far from it.

How the brain activity is not phisical activity? Where the brain is located? What is the organ that consumes the most calories in the body?

Well sure. It still not physical activity. physical activity mean intentional use of muscles to some goal. Like running, controlling ball, jumping ... sitting on a chair and moving small wooden/plastic pieces does not come close

Formula 1 racing does not require much muscle either.
The brain consumes more blood than the muscles.

You're better at any mental activity when you're physically fit.

Ergo, either you class every single competitive mental activity as a sport (hint : this doesn't work), or chess is not a sport.

The physical activity is an essential part of what makes a sport, a sport. The competitive element is not enough, and being healthy helping to think better isn't enough either.

So chess is not a sport. People who think it helps chess for popularity, recognition, fundings, or whatever will disagree. Those who can't open a dictionary or think the meaning of words can be changed at will may disagree too.

Car racing is much more physically involved, as the body needs to take on the Gs, but is already debatable as a sport even if, just as chess, it's a tough competitive activity. If the driving did involve piloting from afar sitting in a chair like in a video game instead of actually being in the car, this clearly would not be a sport.

So-called e-sports are also not sports, it's a marketing name.

@petri999 This is an arbitrary definition. Maybe there are more than one possible definition for sport and for physical activity.

sure it has been said in this thread by multiple persons: Depends on your definition on sport. Oxford dictionary would define not but there is no one accepted definition of a sport

@tpr f1 does require substantial physical strength but I would not call it sport. Hence it call motor sport. Also different from chess amoutn pure motoric skill required. So it closer to being sport