Is chess a sport

Chess is an e-sport that you can play offline.

Again, in a sport, the movemnts HAVE to be made by you, that's what defines it. Shooting (bullets or arrows) is a sport, because no one can hold the gun/bow for you, or pull the trigger. Car race is a sport, because no one can hold the steering wheel for you. But mouse-race (bullet chess, ultra-bullet, etc...) is not. Computer games are more or less a 100 billion dolar/year business, the double of movies (15bi) + music (30bi) combined! Now, would governments give money to a overated game/vice if there wasn't this LIE ("chess is a sport") ? Of course not! Not a single cent!

Jocks do sport.
Nerds do chess.
The End.

Well, there are self-driving cars that at least in principle could compete in professional races. Or you could certainly have a car that is controlled by a human driver on a computer some distance away. Likewise, there are already guns on the market that you could aim and fire from a smartphone or PC. For that matter, how is car racing any more of a sport than Mario Kart?

I don't think governments particularly care about whether or not video games are sports. They invest in them for a variety of reasons, including the economic benefits of the gaming industry, self-promotion (e.g. the US military supports many game developers), and national pride.

One interesting note...During the Fischer/Spassky title match...The sports magazine "Sports Illustrated" had extensive coverage of Fischer and all the press that whole thing generated. Bobby went bowling when he was in Iceland...That's how he stayed in shape for chess.:] I think you say that chess is a "sport of the mind"

it requires extreme strategy and skill that you must spend lots of time to fully master, i think referring to it simply as a game would be incorrect because of the amount of time and effort one must put into becoming a better player

immortal question
The heart can beat at a higher than average rate during a whole game
it is important to have a healthy lifestyle if you want to give yourself chances of success during a tournament,
Physical activity can oxygenate the brain and probably avoid contractures due to prolonged sitting.

We can therefore draw a parallel with the practice of a sport

But a lot of players (including me!) are probably unable to run for 1 hour, or have never attended a weight room.

Open random newspaper. Search for chess reports and results: sports section

Case closed.

@JuniorCps Where does this definition come from?

In short,

Oxford dictionary gives this definition: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

Robert Sapolsky, Stanford University, conducted studies which resulted in the conclusion chess players can burn up to 6,000 calories in one day = physical exertion. In fact, the World Championship Match in 1984, Karpov-Kasparov, was cancelled because Karpov lost about 22 pounds. Players such as Fabiano Caruana can lose upwards of 12 pounds after a 10-day tournament.

Chess is recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee.

Using this criteria and results from studies leads to the conclusion that chess is a sport.

Nope chess does not involve physical exertion. Extra calories on top level is due to stress level rising notphysical activity. So by oxford dictionaly chess no where near being sport.

IOC classification merely means that IOC members like small "gifts" from association that holp - most cases in vain - of being included into olympic games. As chess has been included into list has resulted all sorts of hospitapility activy by FIDE towards IOC representatives they have reached the goals of allowing chess to be in the list. Absolutely zero chancs of getting into games so thats money wasted

So as to original questio: answer id depends what definition sport you use. I woudl not classify it as sport as does not involve physical activity nor does it require physical skills