Is chess a sport

I believe it is recognized as a sport in many countries with few exceptions. Like all disciplines of sport it follows rules and a process and is as much competitive as any other.

Depends on your definition of sport, if we use the following definition from a popular dictionary: "an often competitive athletic activity requiring skill or physical ability" then of course it isn't.

Classical chess is a game, blitz chess is a sport.

My arbitrary distinction between them is that a game could be played by telling someone else what to do, while in a sport the athlete must actively participate. So for example, poker would also be a game, while pool would be a sport.

No. it's an intellectual activity/game. If you are a problemist, you are not playing it, you are solving/composing problems. In a sport, the movemnts HAVE to be made by you, that's what defines it. In chess, you make the moves if: 1) You have an arm, not paralyzed, etc... If not, your opponent can make the movements for you. 2) If you are not playing blindfold. 3) If you are not playing on the screen; mouse clicking is not a sport, or am I wrong?

By the way, a politician told me that labeling it as a sport gets it funding from the govrnment, in many places.

It is a sport, as it is physically demanding to sustain concentration for hours. It is no less a sport that e.g. formula 1 racing.

I believe it's a different kind of sport, which don't require as much muscle strenth and cordination, but it is a sport. You have to be fit to play at your best, this is well known for decades. You might have different definitions for sport, defining it as a sport or not seems to be more a matter of convenience... as someone mentioned, it might help with raising funds depending on the definition.

I consider the noun "sport" to refer to a game based on physical activity and athleticism. Ergo, chess is definitely not a sport. Any athleticism is incidental. If people want to claim it's a sport because it's physically demanding due to the mental concentration involved, then you'd need to be consistent and claim that playing bridge and solving the Sunday New York Times crossword is a sport, and I just don't buy that. Chess is an intellectually challenging board game, period.

It must. Coz when I wear my sweatpants it is a sport. Period.