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On lichess I have met a lot of people with inflated ratings. These are people who have a high rating, usually +2200 but have deliberately played lower rated opponents to get there, so they an average opponent of >1700 or less for that variant. And often play people with lower ratings over 1000s of games.

Is there any way for lichess to snuff this practice out so that people don't get trophies for playing only low rated opponents? I mean I don't otherwise care but these people have trophies sitting on their accounts. Oh well, thanks.

Btw, in my opinion playing against weaker players it a high risk - low reward story. I find nothing outrageous, if you collect slowly but surely your points. Of course you then have the class to do so and it is „deserved“.

Posting concrete persons and bringing them in connection with negative issues is a no-go.

Ok I deleted the specific references. But these people who get to 2200 by only playing 1700 cannot play other 2200 players without losing, so I don't see how it's fair.

Says ModelT who has a 1913 bullet rating against 1794 average opponents....

I'm raising the topic! I literally don't care if you bring me to the spotlight.

I don't see how that negates the value of my argument.

Of course a player with 2200 will lose some games against equal
competition. It‘s pretty much the same if you gain 90% against 1800, 50% against level ones or 10% against 2600.

That‘s the way rating works.

PS: I just took the distances from „Elo“: 200 diff. means 80%(20%), 400 diff. 90%(10%) winning probability.

1. If they actually play other 2200 players and lose badly, they'll no longer be 2200; problem solved.
2. If they don't play other strong players - well, then they're clearly 2200-strength with respect to their opponents, so their rating is accurate.

In case 1, it's the 2200s who don't play weaker players whose ratings end up being inflated.

(Sorry, forgot you only cared about the trophies)

3-Check & Crazyhouse top 10
Trophies *cough cough* trophies.

I also want trophies so I focused on Atomic .

@savagechess2k Yeah, my crazyhouse rating is deflated from losing all those points to weaker players, I should stick to opponents my own level and above. :-P

I'm a beginner in 3-check, I'd probably be in trouble against someone who knows their opening theory.

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