IN THE LEFT OF THE SCREEN: Is there someting like a virus ?

why appears in the left of the screen the player vonsieb01 and each player who him began to follow EVERY TIME AWHILE I AM PLAYING CHESS INSIDE LICHESS.ORG ???? Is true he followed me after both of us played a game, but I tried blocking him and he still continue appearing. NOTE: Just him appears .... nobody else, ( sometimes just a little bit news ) ..... absolutly nothing !

Prolly not a virus. You could try turning it off and on again just to make sure.

If you were following him you would get notifications showing up. If thats the case simply unfollow him and they will stop coming.

Wait...there is a way to turn that panel "off?" How so?

I'm also interest if this panel could be turned off.

I'm under the impression that a person I block couldn't be followed or follow me. I assumed that the purpose of a block was to remove all contact. (Although in tournaments I would guess this couldn't/shouldn't be enforced.)

IM lovias = Thanks, but .....
The case is that I desactivated the " Follow option ". I NOT FOLLOW HIM SINCE I DID IT, blocked him too. BUT STILL APPEARS ONTO THE LEFT PANEL . ¿ Is that there is no way to fix this problem ? ¿ Is there anybody who have been fixed it ?

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