improving tremendously in your 50s - some prove

Thank you to all of you, who remembered my thread! Of course it was ironic. I expected to hear exactly this kind of rumors, that he is a cheater. But no one dared to say. Now it's like "everyone has known it before". How could this go on for many years? How could he play in German 2.Bundesliga, when he was under such serious suspicion? How could Mamedyarov play him, when it was such an open secret? Did he ask for an additional referee? I heard non of this.

not everyone has the chance to insist in having your own toilet without monitoring. So he really couldn't do the Kramnik.

"But no one dared to say. Now it's like "everyone has known it before"."

You started this thread wondering why more people were not amazed by and talking about him. I think most people who know anything about chess, had you bothered to ask, would have said a player improving this much at this level at this age is impossible, which is inherently expressing skepticism at his accomplishments. Maybe this is why he wasn't getting the attention you thought he deserved.

Here's a thread from reddit from about six months ago, also started by someone expressing admiration for him. But there were also a few people saying it was suspicious.

I'm willing to go on record as saying that any future players who improve from 2500 to 2700 in their fifties will also almost certainly be cheaters. It is naive to believe otherwise.

Yes that's exactly my point, why not more people were talking about him? Nowadays if someone plays just one tournament well above his rating, there are immediately some accusations. So all my questions from #21 are still standing. If you were the manager of a team, you really had no problem with this guy playing for you?

I can only dream that my chess game could be as good as the game of the world chess champion, GM MC. So chess for me must be about entertainment as well as my quality of play. I really like chess. It's a fun game, and winning is not everything...

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