improving tremendously in your 50s - some prove

I just saw this big elo-rating of 2670 next to the name of Igor Rausis and I was really surprised, because I knew him as a player around 2480. He is 58 years old now and gained about 200 points in the last couple of years, that's outstanding!
I just wanted to share this to give some hope to all the older players, that are constantly being told that they cannot improve.
Do we have any similar cases? Or do you know more about Igor Rausis, maybe an interesting interview? Please share!

Am among those who started late too. This is really encouraging. Played almost 2k games here but still stagnating at sub-1000 to 1100. But all I need is a stable and humble 1500-1700. Just to be able to beat a few club members consistently.


Short-term memory management: don't hang the pieces!

°) be calm when you play, in a calm context: no grand-kids, no talk, no thinking about groceries
°) play as if the only thing existing in the world is that chessboard

Look at the last move played by your opponent. If you identify a threat, deal with it right-away and DON'T look for other ideas.

Do this until you hang the pieces no more.

EDIT: is the quality that counts, not the quantity
(as per better quality you train your brain to re-wire himself to *correctly* pay attention)

For me that's one of the biggest sensations in chess ever, a 58 year old is entering the top. Will he be able to break even the 2700 barrier? And I haven't seen anything about him in the chess journals so far. Very strange.

If you are really interested in some good advice, now you know whom you should ask. As far as I know he's also a trainer. Obviously he knows some good methods.

вы такой приветливый человек

But that's 20 years ago and he was 2466 in 2010.