I'm on tilt

This morning I have played 21 rapid games and I got completely on tilt. Some of the players with lower rating played very well and I didn't play well at all, so I got onto tilt. And of course because of this rating variance with GLICKO2 that I try to maintain the lowest possible until I have played 100 games playing white by default and against weaker players (I'm step by step playing against higher rating, now 1300-1450), my points goes always down and I need 4-5 victories for one loss, to mantain.

What do you do when you go on tilt? And what do you think of this step by step method I have?

Thank you in advance.

Could just be a case of you're not in the mood to play so you're not at your usual standard, could just be a bad day. Whatever it is just finish up for the day and play again another time.

Step by step is a doubtful plan. Many of us have discovered that we actually play better against higher rated opponents. Various theories as to why: game has a better structure, you reach more understandable positions, sharpness generates sharpness.
Against lower rated players, their moves are more random and unusual, which, even if it is a weak move, makes it harder to find the right response.
Check out your insight function. Mine always shows I do slightly better against tougher competition.

Thanks a lot for your comments. I agree with you all, and it's true that pawn structures gets crazy playing agains lower rating.

If anyone wants a free win then just play against me, problem solved

Well, this evening was better, but I still miss checkmates and get into trouble like this. It could be that I was quite tired but I coudn't stop playing because of this tilt, that changed into something else.

And in the last one I also missed a checkmated but it was the first time that I did the windmill and change a lost position into a win. Very lol the windmill.

I have to say that after lot of games played today I can confirm that the strange moves lower rating players make, it's a lot more difficult to deal with that normal play.

just tilt until your mouse gets broken then take a break

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