IM blunders rook and 2100+ is unable to checkmate with two rooks

Raaly big blunder! I think His Opponent Remember How To Checkmate With 2 Rooks At The End of the Game

It's bullet, nuff said. When it gets to the last few seconds, it's a game of "who has the faster mouse".

It's a bullet game, 1+0, thus obviously a lot of premoves AND it ends with the rooks mating, so the title is a lie.

Who are you to point out on other people's mistakes when it is no way related to you. How are you affected by this? Maybe they were just playing for fun. I don't think you can do better the way you are talking. Would you like it if you lose a bullet game of Chess960 and a random person starts exposing you on a forum? Or you are a 2100+ and you are playing bullet and some random person starts exposing you on a forum for spending 5-10 moves more in checkmating in a BULLET game.