If Magnus forgot everything about endgames...

If you can calculate properly you need nothing to know in advance.

Come on Sargon... When these strong players instantly drop a rook into a perfect square that “defends the base” instead of chasing opponents’ pawns... that is pure knowledge with zero calculation. Or when we all strong or weak players center the king in the endgame as soon as endgame arrives, often we can’t see what will happen 4 or 5 moves from now and we don’t need to.

Pozishional undestanding!


This is basics, isn’t it? Centralizing the King?

In other words:

You cannot differentiate between calculating, intuition, middlegame, endgame, positional play, combinations.

MC acquired his 100.000 chess chunks which make him the one he is right now. You cannot extract some chosen ones.

It's difficult to guess, because his dominance in the middlegame is due to (sometimes) to his understanding of endgames. He knows what he has to do in the middlegame to be in a better endgame position...

I mean normally one knows which opening leads to which favourable endgames. So playing opening and middlegame well and reaching a won endgame. And then forgetting what a passed pawn is good for? Huh? Forgotten the hundred typical wins before with that line?

There are cases of selective amnesia, so he could forget about triangulation but not smothered mate.

Yeah, sac‘ing the Q on g8 and resigning - because forgetting how to mate...

Engines are much weaker without table bases.