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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. if Maggus is white will win?

maggus is rlly gud think i wud lose



Man If I had black it would be instant ressignnation. Ive neverr sen a position so lost against MagNus before. No calcluloation needed.

Maybe he would have a better chance here:

Magnus hasn't any chances because he haven't any pawn that defend his king.If i was black side then i would beat him :)

@risky-chess you are overestimating Magnus's skill

In this position i will win as black.

Magnus will win with a - Knight against 99% of us but not with just a queen :-)

impossible. He needs another piece to mate and he only gots the King to help him. (ok, black could stuck their own king, but it's a chance in a big bang: 4.5 billion of years :)