IF IF IF there was another Chess at 3 and Wesley So Stream what would you like to see?

So vs. eric hansen!! would be some great chess....

Not that Wesley's chess games were not like a new variant to watch, but it will be interesting to see how the powerfull spirit of the world's leading players approaches the new. Starting with closer to standard chess like King of the Hill, Three Check, Crazyhouse, ...

Only 2 for now.
- I think you shouldn't read the questions from the chat. Instead people should post their questions here in the forum. And you should write those down and read to him.
- A co-host is would be nice. A strong player, who knows something more about chess.

As much video and lecture material as possible! Any master can crush most of us in tournaments and simultaneous exhibitions, but GMs can offer brilliant lectures and insights on the chess world.

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