IF IF IF there was another Chess at 3 and Wesley So Stream what would you like to see?

aside from: No technical problems!!! obv

Better audio. Video from Wes. More attention to the serious chat/viewer questions and actually referring them to So. Flaneur and others asked a few nice questions.

If blitz tournament, then longer total tournament time. Also, imperative that there is some level of commentary even if it is "pleb-level" during the games. The dead silence during play was rough.

I know that it is not always PC, but if Wes could see the chat and pick and choose what he wanted to respond to, that would be nice.

Make wesley play top players in tournament, he and 2nd place IM Fins didnt get a game :/

Would be good to see him play all the best regular streamers/youtubers as above.

Having a longer tournament would increase the chances of So getting paired with players like Fins and Lance. Also as mentioned by others the audio of So speaking was very low. PS big thanks to chessat3 for putting the event together!

1) a quick simul would be nice, perhaps vs. some 10 players Wesley chooses himself
2) answering some more chess related questions by the viewers
3) maybe letting Wesley explain another game played by him (that part was really nice!). In such a game review it would be nice to hear Wesley's opinion about the positional elements of some key positions, that's what no computer can give you in contrast to "perfect lines". One suggestion for a fascinating game is: Wesley So vs Marcin Dziuba Reykjavik Open (2013) · Caro-Kann Defense: Advance. Short Variation (B12) · 1-0.