idea for a variant strategochess

hello i had the idea what if black and white can make their position without that both can see the position like in stratego both can place the pieces on their first 2 ranks pawns can be on the 8th or 1sth rank too and than the games starts but unlike stratego than you can see the board when the game start maybe that is interesting? maybe its a idea if a streamer play this against a viewer both the streamer and the viewer can give the their position to one person and then he or she told the position to the streamer and than he can but the position on the board i would like if a streamer like @TricksOnlyNL would do this.

In stratego all pieces march the same way, and even those that do not are made to initially march like the other so as to remain anonymous.

Would be fun. You can ask Tjuip in the next stream to do it. Would be fun to see opper vs tricks in strategochess

How would a pawn at the bottom row move? 1 or 2 squares? e1-e2 or e1-e3? If it moves 1 square e.g. e1-e2, is it then allowed to move 2 squares e2-e4 later?
How can king and rook castle if they are not on the same row? King moves 2 squares aside and rook moves next to it? Even if it changes row?
Is this in fact like expanded chess960 without the 960 restriction and without black/white symmetry?

i try to find out how it plays with the pawns.
castle is only possible if the king is on e1 and if there is a rook on h1 of a1.
the advantage is big for white in this.

In chess960 castling is possible for other rook positions, but the king always stands between rooks, not in your case. It were weird if you were more lose in the position, but stricter on castling. Castling is essential to offset the power of the Queen.

I do not see why I would put pawns on the first row instead of on the second row. If I cannot castle then I would use the normal starting position, but only switch the king and a rook, i.e. put the king in a corner and the corresponding rook on e1. For black I would do the same.