ICC Has Gone Way Downhill

Anyone else kind of stop playing there? They removed the 45/45 pool, they added in a 25/10 pool that they are probably going to toy with and change soon, and they now require noescape to be set by both players in order for it to activate so you have abandoned games awaiting adjudication all over the place. I dunno...when you come and play here @ Lichess which specifically doesn't ask for a penny and then you go back over there it kind of makes ICC look a little irrelevant today. I, Lichess, there really room for ICC anymore?

I think it's a site mostly running on inertia. It was really nice back in the day when your options were stuff like FICS,, the very beginnings of playchess, or ICC. They were the only place that had all the latest events streamed in and giving free membership to IM+ players meant there was also a great pool of people to play with or kibitz. Early chess clients were also painful to use compared to Blitzin. But yeah, now a days it does seem a bit like a relic.

Yeah that's the thing - It's just not worth $70 a year with what's out there now. As #2 put it quite well: It really does just seem like a relic at this point. The only real activity going on over there any time I look is the same GM's playing 3/0 and 5/0 blitz. It's a ghost town compared to here and

But really ...Lichess and it's innovation are making it look even worse lately. The software is entirely outdated, too. Lichess + Stylish and you have a better chess "client" already, IMO.

Just started playing on ICC for the first time last week. Dasher is a very nice interface. Not about to start paying to play chess, so just using the guest account.

"Lichess + Stylish and you have a better chess "client" already, IMO."


<3 lichess UI, it's super solid as a web app and extremely pretty for a chess board!

I'm still on the ICC because you have few cheaters on my level (can't really compare to lichess as of yet though), you happen to see all the big guns (even MC) at times and I can play longer games using a DGT board, which I enjoy from time to time.

But that's about it. I agree that it does feel outdated quite a bit.

Sorry for getting off topic, but what's a DGT board?

Its a digital chess board. It's like a normal chess board but it has electronic sensors in it to detect which pieces have moved. Apparently you can hook one of these things up to your PC and it will input your moves into the client, which I think is pretty snazzy.

I agree with the downturn of ICC.

I've been a subscriber for 5 plus years off and on. They would argue that they have the video lessons from GMs that separate them from "the rest" of the .com chess playing places and the live broadcasts of major chess events but as the internet has created new ways to cover chess and provide FREE lessons found elsewhere its just not worth the $$ anymore.

I'm all in for lichess! Great job guys!

P.S. you can't play horde on ICC!

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