i would like to ask why i lose?

@JB_VastoLorde Still, a Bishop or a Knight isn't insufficient material if your opponent happens to have right material (to block the King from escaping the check).

@JB_VastoLorde nope. The opponent can't have any material apart from the king.
Seems to win, tho it's some bad moves
[FEN "8/p1r3b1/Kp6/N2k4/8/1q6/8/8 b - -"]

1... Kd4 2. Nxb3+ Kc3 3. Nc5 Kb2 4. Kb5 Ka1 5. Ka4
Rd7 6. Ka3 Rd1 7. Ka4 Rb1 8. Nd3 Bh6 9. Nb4
Bg5 10. Ka3 Bf4 11. Nc2#

I specifically reply to his question why he lost the game even though he is currently winning.
If white didn't have the pawn it would have been a draw.
@laatikko A bishop or a knight can't win you the game though. Let's just say that black sacks all his pieces. Then a draw is called immediately. That's why it's a draw and not a loss when black runs out of time. But the pawn can promote to a piece which can win you the game. And as such black lost the game when time run out.
@Emdryo Same as I described to laatikko. I didn't check the whole game for the bad moves you mention but in the end he had mate in 1 with Qd3. He obviously didn't play it because either he didn't see it or time run out before he could move his queen(He had 0.05 milliseconds at the moment).

@JB_VastoLorde and that is why it isn't a draw. It can't be a draw if there is the possibility of checkmate. What i wrote was an "analysis" of how white could mate, was it a knight and not a pawn. Doesn't matter if it is horrible moves or not, there is the possibility of checkmate.

The rule is you lose the game when you have no time and when your opponent can mate with his pieces and the help of your pieces. So, in some cases, your opponent can mate you with a single piece (knight or bishop):
White: Kf8, Bc3 Black: Kh8, Bh7

@JB_VastoLorde But theoretically you can win with a Bishop or a Knight if your opponent has eg. a flank pawn. Your opp can try to get rid of it, but if you refuse to take it, you can and very often will win on time.

"When you're down, you're down" That's the rule I learned. That is, you run out of time, you lose.
It was with the old clocks, where the flag fell down to show you lost on time.
Yes, there is an exception, if the opponent has insufficient material to mate, when it's only a draw.
It doesn't matter if "it is mate" in some future world.
Out of time, lost.

sorry for not asking a specific question. I was shock by this game. my last move was to mate when i put down my piece it say white won the game. i thought there were be a mate prevail? but when i realize my time got run out. I think my last move was Qc4# when i put down it say's white won..