I used chess engine ONLY AGAINST Stockfish CPUs (not real opponents)

Flag me and get me banned. I deserved to be punished!!

I think I did something wrong, OK?! I just hated my life; it's not about how good I am, it's what I am actually doing!

And you're explicitly allowed to do that against the Lichess Stockfish (but not against bot accounts, which is why I didn't just say "against computers").

Is that illegal? Should you flag me for cheating against Stockfish CPU, which is not a real opponent?


Are you sure 100% it's ok?

Because I want to try out my 1985 SciSys Turbo 16K Kasparov chess computer against Stockfish...

They only flag you for using an engine in rated games. You can not play against an engine with rated games. If you did play a rated bot game though they may flag you.