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  3. I thought It would be stalemate?

At the end when he gets the second queen it's stalemate...(I think), I thought I was going to draw :S

I do not understand the question. Did somebody tell you that stalemate is when there is no move for the king? Then also the initial position is stalemate ... and you never need to play chess at all.

1. e4?? and black cannot move his king, stalemate.


Yes I thought so, because I've seen stalemates with kings+pawns so I thought it was for the king only but now that I think the Pawns couldnt move either. ty

You have to have no move whatsoever, for any piece or pawn, and not be in check.

@lifsitch hahahahahahaha

no u need to have no move at all

otherwise it would be a stalemate on the first move cause whites king cant move at all