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  3. I think is time to set up a goal

@ post #6
Your immature comment says all we need to know. Chess has no relevance to you except as an angry outlet for your frustration.

Setting goals of acheivement (Qualifications etc.) are great. They are not rating points specific. IMO , setting a specific goal of a rating class is not really a goal. Reach that rating and then what? The next rating class? And so on.

There is nothing wrong with having long term goals. If you have nothing positive to contribute with @mdinnerspace you should just keep quiet.

Most kids have as goal to become World Champion or at least Grandmaster. Later they settle for Master, later...

What is the purpose of the goal? What if the goal is not reached?

Chess is a game, it is meant to be fun. Winning is fun, especially against strong players. Losing is no fun, especially against weak players. So rating reflects that and is some measure for fun.

Exactly lovlas. We all should have long term goals. My points are directed at which goals are rewarding and which are an illusion.

Rating points, reaching a "class" of player just to say you are better than those rated below is not much of a goal. Chess is about enjoyment of the game. We are hobbyists. For the 1/2 of 1% that may ever become a professional that's another story.

A goal of Qualification for an event, making a local team, winning a tournament is all good stuff which has nothing to do with reaching a specific rating number.

Everybody and their brother has this "dream" of becoming a master. Then an IM and GM then WC. They never stop to think why they actually play. That they are in fact only hobby players, but delude themselves into thinking otherwise, including that winning chess games "proves" a superior intellect (which is rubbish).

Setting a rating goal is the simplest way to set a realistic goal. Demeaning that goal is not appropriate. Titled players are not special. They are ordinary people that put in the work.

chess is not a game, chess is a gymnasium for the intellect and there is a big difference.

Chess is nothing more than a board game. To equate chess and "intelligence" is delusional. Puzzle thinks that the higher his rating, he is that much "smarter". Unfortunately, too many are under this misguided idea.

I did not say that.

"chess is a gymnasium for the intellect"
"We got used to lose against a computer, now we lose against a phone, next we will lose against our fridge" - Viswanathan Anand

lets stick to the main topic which are goals.