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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. I think is time to set up a goal

Since it feels like september is the start of new year
Ok my goal is to work towards 2000 since im not pushing myself enough so what is ur goal
Time to get stronger holidays very bad for the mind
They make u weak, not recommended.
Hopefully ill get the mindset in just a couple of days.

towards 2000 kcal? 2000 baloons? or what? sorry, just wanted to make it clear :))) my goal would be work towards 3500 kcal a day, to work hard on my Reti and Pirc openings within flagsville or flagmasta variations and main lines ;)

2000 lichess standart elo thanks for the precision stockmodo

Your "goal" needs a new direction. It begins with realizing you are a "hobbyist" chess player. Seeking out and discovering what makes the pastime enjoyable will in the long term be far more rewarding than what any rating can provide.

Seems the OP has it backwards regarding Holidays... which are good for the mind and help people to become stronger.

My goal is 2200 elo in classical 10+0 :D

Btw, i will need to put a lot of work :D

shut the fuck up mindspace u dont even know me

My goal is to open the gates that need to be opened and then open the last one which I am looking for as I saw it in my dream. In the meanwhile getting better at everything I do. For example at crushing your asses in here because you dare.

My goal is to train for the Canadian Youth Chess Championship and the qualifiers and get first place in each. From there I will go to the world youth chess championship next year. I know it is hard work but I am willing to put in effort.

that is a great goal flagyourclock and concrete.

@GrandMaster57, sorry mate, but Your ratings not entirely explaining how are You "crushing asses in here" lol :D for certain You are crushing tactical puzzle's ass....