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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. I played black and I was down 40 material , yet I have a mate in 2 or a mate in 1

I know I blundered a lot

I think there still is atleast one way (i see only one) White can save his honour ...
I won't tell though. :-)

@fjachess I see it now, idk if they will though

I gave them an advantage cuz they are a noob

I dont understand why White gave up. After f.E. Rf1 Rg1white wins directlty with Qe2. And after Rf1 Bf2+ Ke2 Bg3 Kd3 White has solved his Problems and should win.

@Kekser they didn't give up, they logged off since it was unlimited. Besides, idk if they will see it, but if they do, lets hope they give me the rest of their pieces XD.

Had the same plan, but still , Black did put himself to quite a Challenge... Wonder how it would go against Stockfish Level 1 ?!