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  3. I never knew that Stockfish was a flying fat man...

Flyingfatman (2690)
0 Inaccuracies
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11 Average centipawn loss

This is a very strange post, and I'm not quite sure what your point is.

Are you accusing that person of cheating? Because Stockfish not identifying any inaccuracies is hardly convincing evidence.

Plus it seems to be a game from 10 years ago where computer assistance was allowed

0-0-0 games are very possible...

Lol, what?

That's a game from the DB, not a game from lichess.

The PGN clearly shows it's from a freestyle tournament. That's the whole point of a freestyle tournament, humans interactively using engines to play the game :)

I could swear I've seen this game before. Long, long ago. :-)
Well up to point that is.

normally stockfish Wins in less than 30 moves. Maybe he's legit.

Stockfish was forked from Glaurung in 2008, so it didn't even exist when this game was played

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