I need advice about lack of knowlodge from strong players (2200+)

Remember the wisdom of Ostap Bender -- Play 1. e4

@SnackYourPawn wow! I agree, weak squares and colour complex is my main fault.… the reason is lack of prophlaxys thinking, it is hard for me understand my new opponents (i'm new in 2000-ish club) are looking for that details. I understand what is weak square, but it is like i dont believe, i never believe my opponents are too smart... That is because i make ugly mistakes for a 2000-ish player...

i will study games about that theme to force my brain accept understand how important weak square (s) is now. A kind of PNL lol

Philophy part:
Your answer show the world is not all about money... We are in lichess, a free software, the knowlodge must be free. … no one get afraid ask in programming language foruns because learn programming need pay a 'strong programmer'that is my idea when i did that, to say, strange request in chess world... i'm from computer programming world where there are thousands of free e-zines and fóruns where people waste hours and hours of hard work and share the product for free...

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