I love premoves, and here's why

@Eleuthero , and all
I tried to give your "bedrock" a reading in favour of it, as a guess what could be the appropriate form of reaction, since its sculptor is lifting the stone over and over again, showing that he is not looking for all sorts of refutations.
While I don't share your judgement, I accept you as an authority to say 'points not touched' , even if you often tire of arguing with those who try to win you , benevolantly for most of the time, for their points.

So #1 touching pieces etc. would stand if a point could be made online chess ought to remain as true to otb as possible. I do find it at least a mild disgrace to mouse-grab a piece and put it back down because I could, online.
Touch-move could be easily implemented, and it would relate closer online to otb, which is desirable. In fact, implemented, it would also work for premoves.
But back to premove, which in itself is so different from these test-move instead of touch-move incidents.
To implement premove otb, you could tap your clock a second time whenever you wrote down your premove, then your opponent moves, hits clock, you flip your note, make your premove while your clock doesn't move. Sounds awkward? Well, type your premove into the clock, then, and a digital board will verify you moved as logged in. Still no good? Now retransfer this to online. The difference being, while no time is deduced from the premover, the other side will have the time, the physical mouse move takes, to think. It could be a replay of the actual touch-move premove. The rhythmic assault would go away. -That'd be lame. That is not the effect premovers cherish, they'd scoff at it. And even me slow-player wouldn't want canned action but would prefer the shock. Where in the world is compromise? Never get compromised.

Sorry, just a sketch. Going to sleep ;)

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