I love premoves, and here's why


The only fools are people like you who make no points and just character assassinate people. This is the "bravery" of chess players i.e., when a person or persons hold a minority viewpoint you just jump on them with the majority. No one, and I mean NO ONE, has addressed my 3 points.

Chess players are the ultimate techno-triumphalists i.e., technology is always "good" so any product of technology is "good". The people on this thread are not only cowards but they don't know how to hold a proper debate. If a person makes points X, Y, and Z and your "response" (such as it is) doesn't address any of those 3 points, it's not a rebuttal. It's you trying to change the focus of attention because your argument is absurd.

1) Everyone's a coward (except him, of course)
2) You're all just "attacking" me (even though people are only disagreeing and not insulting him)
3) NO ONE has addressed my points (even though we've seen extremely lengthy posts discussing all the merits and drawbacks of premoves in detail very meticulously)
4) Keeps repeating the same points over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, using the same terminology, while hurling insults.

Geez, no wonder you have quite a reputation in these forums. @Eleuthero


The link you provided takes me to a page where there's not one post by you. You ask in an irritating way "You don't remember me?" Are you that much of a narcissist that you expect me to remember you, of all people, out of an army of respondents?

Once again ... yet another post that doesn't address even one of my three basic points. I'm sick of guys like you. I'm tired of reminding people what a proper debate is so go ahead and respond. I won't read it or respond to it because I'm tired of typing and I'm tired of repeating myself.

This pops up frequently and I wonder why?! :<
Guys peace! Please :)
The whole topic was created just to call out Eleuthero :0
You seem to be seriously bored, dear PoolOfLiver
Random trolling and looking for hate.
I dont like this. :/

@Funkmaus I'm awfully sorry if that's what you saw here, but that was not my intention at all. I have a very strong opinion on the subject of premoves, and I know that so does Eleuthero, only on the opposite end of the spectrum. I was looking to start a discussion, not to "call someone out" nor "troll" nor "look for hate". Hopefully the same is true about you and your post.

In fact, this thread has been highly valuable and educational for me personally (and others, I'm sure), as I've seen some very intelligent, knowledgeable people make well thought out and absolutely fascinating points in this thread that have made me realize things I didn't know before, not only about premoves, but about online chess, it's history and chess in general.

If your intention is to make this forum a better place, I wholeheartedly support you and will be your foremost ally. Hope that clears things up.

Thank you for your respectful reply.
You called him out indeed, with your ping in #2 - this is what made me think that you are trolling.
You know, he is swimming against the storm, like a lonely fighter against the young generation, against the premove-army.
Consider yourself lucky: premoving will remain part of online-chess forever :-)
I am glad to hear that this thread is educational for you - to me, it was not, just because it is... same... like that one a month ago, which you might have missed as you are new here.
Welcome to lichess btw. this is a great place to play and communicate - and happy chessing!

in a OTB game you also can pre move - you decide the move and as soon your opponent moves you waist nothing more to think - you just move what you prepared. Of course you need a second to move - but you pre moved the thinking time.