I love premoves, and here's why

Premoves are the best feature that's ever been introduced into chess. Online chess has finally made it possible for a player to take the risk of making his next move without having all of the information, but in turn rewarding him by letting him save some precious clock time, which can be incredibly valuable in blitz or bullet timescrambles. The kind of risk management that premoves have introduced into the game is something completely unique, which none of the stale old rules can match or replace, and as a relatively new addition to an ancient game, it deserves to be celebrated and praised by the community of chess players here.

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I hate premoves because I hate blitz. But of course I miss the premove function in OTB blitz. But then again I only play OTB blitz because others urge|force me to do so.

It is nice that premoves exist but it is nothing for me to celebrate; because I don't like blitz. I only play it to test out some openings.


Premove is stupid. It renders the clock useless in time scrambles. If one player outplays the other player for 40 moves but then loses because his opponent's clock was stuck on 3 seconds for 10 moves is that really "progress" for the game of chess? If 3 seconds doesn't mean 3 seconds then what the hell is the clock for? Premove also violates the rule that you can't touch your pieces before the opponent completes his move.

I think that if someone outplays someone for 40 moves and gets him thinking and using up time, he should be rewarded for that by flagging his opponent. Instead, he gets a kick in the teeth. The whole point of blitz is that you have to either checkmate your opponent or make him lose on time. Simple. It's sickening to see techno-triumphalism all over out culture i.e., if something is new technology it must be good by definition.

How does premove make 3 seconds not be 3 seconds? The players still have to operate within the confines of the limited clock time. Besides, it's symmetrical. Both players have equal opportunity to use it, so it can hardly be unfair.

Blitz with no increment would hardly make any sense without premoves. Also, sometimes you're winning but have little time left on the clock, and your opponent wants to flag you, so you resort to premoves to win a winning position rather than being unjustly flagged. @Eleuthero