I have question on men and girls chess?

Because we are different. Men are better at some things than women, and vice-versa. Men are better at chess, like they are better at football or athletics. Women are better in all things which envolves empaty, like nurses, kindergarden teachers etc. That's just the way we are.


just like shopping, men and women choose different, and there are products & ads & colors directed at different demographics based on gender.

Chess is not attractive to average girls.
Just like there is probably other activities that girls may prefer.

yeah...........i figure most girls would rather go out to a nice restaurant, or to the library to look at books, movies, stuff... at our library we have a puzzle always there that people communally work on, or girls like to get their hair done....... instead of dive into rook and pawn end game study for a month or so .... wtf is wrong with them???

Men got vision, women have awareness, both have advantage in chess

@LukaCro I definitely agree about physical prowess, but I'm not convinced about the mental prowess, and the bit about women being better at empathy is just a harmful stereotype in my opinion, it's more acceptable in our society for women to display their emotions, men who do so are told to "man up". plenty of studies show that men have far fewer close emotional relationships, which contributes to the male suicide rate being 3.5x that of women, bc that emotional "safety net" is less likely to be there. When I see gender imbalances in society (like gamers, chess players, plumbers, nurses, elementary school teachers) I'm inclined to think it's largely because we push genders into or away from those roles based on stereotypes, and any mental differences are very small.

" and the bit about women being better at empathy is just a harmful stereotype in my opinion"
Well, women do tend to be more empathetic than men- thats probably why women have looked after children through history. Id disagree that the mental differences are negligible, if they were, we would see a much more comparable ratio of women to men in fields such as maybe nursing, engineering, psychology, etc.. and also in no. of men in jail, to the no. of women. Men are more driven, competitive, aggressive. These traits help them climb the leader board in tournaments, and other competitive settings.

@dumbanddumber well, we can only agree to disagree. Men and women are different in almost every aspect. It's not just physical, it is mental as well. Brains just work differently. Hormon balance is completely different as well.

The problem is that we can't see the brain (like we can see bigger muscles) and then we are prone to make theories that man's and woman's brains are in fact the same, and the only differences come from social stereotypes and constructs. Every neuroscientist will tell you that is nonsense.

Men are better at athletics and they are better at chess. Women are better in some other things. That's just the way we evolved (or are created, whatever your opinion about that is).

#21 #27 "Agreeing to disagree" is kind of a funny reaction when you are confronted with facts about your (pretty obviously sexist) opinion that "women are better in all things which envolves empathy [...]". You claim that the behavioural differences between men and women are mainly caused by sex, while almost the entirety of the scientific world conjectures a pretty large cultural effect of gender on behaviour. You should maybe go outside and talk to a couple of women to see that they cover almost the same behavioural spectrum as men, just with a different distribution (which means: there are certain behavioural patterns that are more likely in men or in women, like favourite color or their favourite job as a kid, or their goals in life), the reason for that still being a big matter of debate and not something easily explainable with primitive stuff like "the hormon balance is different".

There is also a big jump from "men and women behave differently in some aspects, on average" to your claim that "the brains of men and women are different", and as you mention them, I want to see the neuroscientist that supports your interpretation.

#29 yup, and where exactly in that text do they have empirical evidence that structural differences are the main cause for chess playing ability, as LakoCro pretty confidently claimed? To be clear here, I didn't claim the brains look 100% the same, but rather LakoCro claimed they work differently and that that is the main reason for behavioural differences, which is still a claim I like to see backed up. The hands of men and women also look differently but they work the same.