I have question on men and girls chess?

@nilslindemann no completely disagree thats like me saying if i played in a tournament with carlsen, anand and radjabov i would have a 25% chance of winning

Let's ask the question where neither physical strength nor intelligence matters. Why are women underrepresented in the USA military? Do they somehow have less patriotism? (Asking over 1,000 voluntary, active duty military, not a one claimed patriotism as the reason for joining.)

I consider Carlsen an anomaly, should we exclude him from the rating list?
Historically, the Soviets dominated the top 10 list, so that implies that the Soviets are smarter than the rest of the world.
Very few (good) cheerleaders are men, does that imply that men don't have the physical stamina to do those acrobats?

Id attribute the success of men in chess to their competitive behavior- I mean, look at Magnus Carlsen, he spends almost 8 hours a day preparing for tournaments, thats insane! The amount of effort the guys put in is stunning, honestly.

The Guru, Jan Hein Donner, l‘enfant terrible des échecs:

"The difference between the sexes is remarkable in chess, but not any more so, to my mind, than in any other field of cultural activity. Women cannot play chess, but they cannot paint either, or write, or philosophize. In fact, women have never thought or made anything worth considering.“

I suppose that for most girls (I say girls because I assume most ppl start playing at a young age...) it is quite unattractive to do sports in a seemingly "male-only" environment. It just feels strange... feels like you don't "belong" there. (That's what I assume, at least.)

If I'm correct, then the distribution should probably be less unbalanced among online-only players, because in this "environment" the sex/gender of the ppl you compete with is less "present"... Would be interesting to see if there's any data about this.
(My guess would be that the distribution is indeed more balanced than in OTB chess, but still far from 50-50...)

If I were a girl and would read shit like this thread on a regular basis, I also wouldn't feel very welcome. There are many female chess players around here on lichess, but they don't tell you outright because they are not stupid.