I have a problem!

I set up a account for my little brother, but now I can't make my own account! It keeps saying: "account already created with this email".

Well, for a different account you have to use a different email address.

I just use his account no matter how mad he gets.

If you are careful not to lose a password, and don't care about any other mail you might receive, look up geurrilla mail

If you both play on the same account and are not pretty much the same strengt you will sooner or later be flagged for cheating. Also it's strictly against their terms of service which is also a banable offense. Just make your self an email address somevere and use that...

Or migrate here. But using the same address for two accounts would probably cause the same problem. But don't ask about that on the forums. They kinda object to that...

With this capcha I've just learned that if I want to prove that I'm human, I need to play chess well.

You can't post in the forums yet. Play some games!