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  3. I had a mouseslip, asked for take back , I know I should not, take back declined... so I resigned

...why was I threatened with a ban

You cant make this stuff up...

You do know your profile Biograpghy specifically reads:

"if i make mouseslip, i resign i dont want takebacki dont give takeback" right?


solid profile must've taken ages to come up with that one.

I think if you resign within the first ~10 moves then you get a warning.

Don’t put the blame on anyone else but yourself.

Use move confirmation. In 15+15 games this should be easy.

Buy the new anti-slip mouse.

Is the OP a troll?

@LaserGuy, thank you, for the explanation.
the other answers also were helpful in explainig why so few out of thousands write in the forum

:D very well said indeed

I agree with CM Sarg0n. If you are playing rated games, then at the end of the game, your opponent has surrendered points because of your "slip" if you go on and win. You always have the option to ask for a rematch.