I got banned from while I was playing Sunway Sitges Online.

Hello everyone,

As you know, the 1st Sunway Sitges Online Chess Tournament is currently undergoing: which is a classical format, daily 1 round tournament with 90+30 second time control

I was paired against the 1st seed, 2600+ from Ukraine, and I won the game since he blundered in a very clearly better position; The result showed up in chess-results and everything was until banned me for "Fair Play" without even having a look at my game, also worth noting is that all players including me were all in Video Conference call through Zoom and I did not even go to washroom or stuff throughout the short game

I am a 2115 fide, 15 y.o and it's quite normal for me to play such games. The ban is both depressing and sad

The tournament organizer then changed the result from me winning and gave the point to my opponent. They also not paired me in the 2nd round and they failed to reply to me until the 2nd round was over. support also failed to reply even though I tried my best, but I protested against my ban of fair play via Social Media and many other players supported me, decided to remove the "Fair Play" ban since it was obviously incorrect and changed it to "Abuse/Community Guidelines Ban" which is also incorrect;

I was also told by the organizers, that the prize money won't be refunded to me as the guidelines state.

The organizer also stated that they did not change the results or stuff because of Fair Play (Absurd, Ikr.)

The game in question:

The fair play ban:

My profile link: (You can see they changed it from Fair Play to abuse, since now I have no other proof than my words to show that I am not guilty)

Conversation with the Chief Arbiter:

I must have received dozen of phone calls from my friends and also coaches asking what happened; questioned my personal integrity and also my love towards chess thanks to their lazy work.

I obviously can't do much but except warn people about what kind of website is;

Well, you did beat a GM, and from what I've seen from multiple online chess sites, people often point fingers at untitled players who beat GMs because they seem to think that GMs only lose to engines.

Also, is fueled by money so there could be darker reasons of keeping a GM from losing in such an important tournament.

It's interesting that would go as far as to ban a clearly high rated player, because from my experience, is loaded with actual cheaters that are banned only after many games and many months of engine use.

Really chess. Com is utter trash. Lichess is best.

I think they have all the relevant meta data, time stamps, many other games and so on.

We lack the important data so basically we cannot say anything.

@Sarg0n I would have very well agreed if it would have been a question of Fair Play, but since they just changed their stand on it, I am very very doubtful that they have a real reason.

Leave it @adarshwick nothing can be changed now. No point in discussing. We know u didn't cheat. Just be happy that u beat a GM. No point in proving others that u r right. If u didn't cheat don't try to prove ur honesty and if u cheat don't try to solicit.

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