I Feel Like a God Right Now

Of course, please turn off stockfish which is a GOD like monster to human. :D
Your profile says "This player uses chess computer assistance" . :D

Matthew 23:12

[12] And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

Good quote @Windamier. I wonder what happens to people who "feel like a God"? Maybe asylum?

Apparently he is also a cheater. Hmm, wonder what happens to them...

@chesseater78 If they are literate, reading the bible will be a good start. :)
Hopefully with the ban he/she will look at his/her reproach and repent.

There shouldn't be any takebacks ever. You mouse slip, gg and you're more careful next game.

I know my account now says uses computer assistance but that simply ins't true. Just take a look at my log of games. I am by no means perfect. This post and this computer nonsense has literally destroyed my reputation, and I have no clue why I was flagged like this. anyway, I'm sorry. I will be appealing to lichess to get the mark removed, but other than that, Idk what I can due. Sure my account says I'm a 900 whose classical 2100, yet I have only played 9 rated games, despite playing for 5 years. once again, to any who think I cheated this guy out of points via computer assistance, I'm sorry, but that simply isn't true.

Computer assistance or not the title of this post already makes me think you're a prick.

The best thing to do is to admit it, my friend. You are only going to progress if you play entirely by yourself. Only use the computer to study and analyse, never during the game... I have made a post complaining about it a week ago. "Smart" cheaters don't need to play a perfect game all the way, they just need to turn on the engine whenever they are worse in the game...and voila. It's possible to detect cheating patterns even if you trying to be smart, though...

His username reminds me of a meme that is very famous in Brazil. A little kid wrote a note to his parents trying to pretend it was from his teacher. But it was clearly a kids letter. He wrote something like " Dear parents, tomorrow there will be no clas becaose it mit be a holyday. This note is true"