I Feel Like a God Right Now

Okay, so I'm on the best win streak of my life, and my last game before the one below was with the same player. In that game I made a mouse slip, moving my rook one square away from taking his queen during a queen trade. He was nice about, and allowed a take back, and I thanked him, called him very sports man like, and went on to beat him. he requested a rematch, so I thought I should to be nice. In this game I once again mouse slip (I'm playing on a crappy old laptop) and we get a very sharp position and I soon find myself wining. Yet I hang a rook by mouse slip. seeing a chance to gain some points, he declines three take back requests, and I tell him, Fine, I'll with either way. Soon, I find a beautiful tactic to win the game and he resigns instantly

As idk how to put in a game the link is above. At the end I tell him eat it as I was very angry at his refusal of take back, but I regret that now.

Please turn on move confirmation and stop asking for takebacks.

That is what takebacks are for. He should not have declined the takeback but chess karma caught up to him.

Why did your opponent even have takebacks on if he wasn't going to accept it either way.
Nice comeback anyway!

Dude you didn't "find a brilliant tactic." He blundered his queen.

Shhh....he feels like a "God" now, so don't burst his bubble...: )

Arguably, every tactic comes from a blunder of the opponent, who allowed that tactic.

@thibault the sense that your forward strategy has not been seen by your opponent.

Players have been asking this question ever since alpha 0.01 was first complied and executed. Some have even devoted huge quantities of their playtime to answering that conundrum. Unfortunately, the dev(s) have been silent about what they intended the point to be. That doesn't stop players from trying to interpret that silence and fill in their own purposes for reaching endgame. Ultimately, a lot of very insightful players have come to the conclusion that there isn't an objective reason to reach endgame, rather that it's just the intrinsic nature of the game itself.

Are you going to attribute that quote or just claim it as your own and hope nobody notices? :)