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  3. I don't really know the reason why.

My bicycle was my best friend and my tent my best house, every day a new panorama. I can recommend you and you make friends every day.

That's really enviable. I like that what you do.

Thanks everybody. It is much appreciated. Have a nice weekend

I play chess cause it makes me feel closer to my father. It is something my dad taught me at an early age and was a great accomplishment when I won my first match against him when I was 13. He taught me to use my mind to solve problems and to always think ahead. not only in chess but in life. So I play now and just remember his face and joy when i would make a good move that would cause him to think to win. I remember him tell me "always look at the whole board and not just sections of the board" I know now that rings true not only in chess but in life and decisions that I have to make. I wish everyone a great day and always smile because it will increase your face value :-)

Thank you. Your story made me smile. Have a nice day, too.

Well told Harveys, chess shows us that in fact we learn multitasking from youngs on, more important than geography at school which we learn by travelling and meeting cultures, speaking each other languages which let us respect all cultures.

You're not alone soap, I live everyday and every night in pain, agony, and darkness.


No problem at all bud. Glad to see the support from all around.
Yea; that quote was from Oldboy (The Original Korean version)

If you haven't seen it; I highly recommend watching it.

It is incredibly graphic, disturbing, and beautiful; all at the same time.

Im happy to play whenever. Just send me a challenge anytime you see me on and want to have a game.


You are not alone. I'm here, when you need a someone to talk to. Take care friend.

All I can say that this is an awesome community. Thanks friends from the bottom of my heart

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