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  3. I don't really know the reason why.

I don't really know the reason why, but I play chess because I'm very sad; I began to play this game two years ago and it was for the same reason. I am still very thankful to all the opponents who showed so much patient with my playings without them, I wouldn't have improved a bit. Thanks everybody. God bless and good luck.

but I never cry
- Alice Cooper

Some years  ago, life taught me that I can only cry  to a very good friend, or to a crowd; I am alone right now, so I cry in the crowd.
But do you still call it crying when you've got no tears?

Laugh and the World Laughs with You.
Cry and You Cry Alone.


If you dont know that quote; please google it. Then watch that. Immediately.

Your sadness will be overwhelmed by it. The ORIGINAL. Not the terrible SL RM. (You'll know what I mean...once you know what I mean :o)


Sometimes, I play to not think about anything else and I'm a bit sad too. Then chess becomes an outlet. Most of the time I play badly during that period and sometimes get even more frustrated !

But hey, life is a journey. I would be happy to play classical games with you then we could play and chat ! I follow you

Have a nice day :)


I didn't anymore expect that I would get an answer, thanks so much. I have checked the quote on Google and it I find it very good. I just would like to say how much I appreciate all your effort of reaching out to me. I wish you all the best in life.
Have a nice weekend, my friend.

I like to take long walks in the rain so noone can see I am crying.


It is the same with me, I start to play as if I were drunk, and then I would be losing a game after the other; I still would continue to play hoping that I'd get better in the next game; for me, to know that there's someone right at this moment, on the other side of the planet, playing chess with me can be very relieving even if only for a short moment.
Sure I would be happy to play a classical game with you. Thank you, you're very good to me.
 Have a nice evening, and nice weekend :)

But the rain is icy cold in November here in my country :)

@xxsoapxx Here have a song

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