I am the slowest player on Lichess


I am the slowest player on Lichess.

If you think you can be slower, challenge me to a game of moving pieces back and forth (please also don't read the rules below).

CHALLENGE of the rules:

5. No auto-clicking software. One can use a mouse, a touchscreen, a tablet, a trackpad, a trackball or other input devices. One can also do any modifications to the Lichess board: disabling animations, zen mode, custom sounds, etc. But the moves must be made manually.

4. Players must move pieces ONLY on their side of the board (1-4 horizontals for white, and 5-8 horizontals for black). 1 accidental slip to a further horizontal for every 10 games is allowed (2 slips will result in a loss of the game where a slip happened). Any moves are allowed as long as they are within the four horizontals.

3. Automatic draw on threefold repetition must be enabled (settings --> game behaviour --> Claim draw on threefold repetition automatically --> never).

2. A game is played until a 50-move rule draw or until one of the player's timeout. The victorious side is ONE THAT HAS LESS TIME LEFT ON THE CLOCK (even in case of a draw).

1. The games must be casual, ultrabullet time control. 10 or more games.

If I don't see your challenge, leave a comment here or write me a private message, and we'll play!

Examples of the challenge:

How are you 2369 in ultrabullet and 800 in blitz. Something smells sand.

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