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  3. I am the fastest player on Lichess

Hello Ingot :-)
I know atleast 5 players better & faster than you.
#1 X23/Kout
#2 Penguingim
#3 Duplov
#4 Pornes
(in that order)
You might wanna challenge them.
gl and let the games begin!

*fastest mouse clicker on lichess. Calling yourself fastest player implies you play chess.
Wierd flex but OK

Kinda pointless, isn't it?

Chesstroll_Ingot is the physically fastest player i.m.o.
If you think you're faster demonstrate it. :)

No one needs to demonstrate that they are faster, we can clearly see that he is nowhere near the very top in Bullet.

I think Inigo Montoya said it best. "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does." In other words, that's not all there is to playing chess "faster."

The fastest and best players of Lichess are...
No 3. GERMAN11
No.1 me!!!


Fast moving and playing GOOD moves very fast is a difference..

@Chesstroll_Ingot challenge Penguingm1 to play on your turf. Even without the premoves he Will stomp you. I mean you havent shown evidence of you being the fastest player, so there’s no point on proclaiming yourself to have this kind of self-made title.

@ChessApple78 That's why I wanted to play bullet... He is fast but bad.