I am just depressingly bad in chess

Seriously, is there anyway giving 30 minute a day only I can become 2000 rated in lichess? I am far from it I would say. In my games currently at one point I am from a good position mess up. Frustrating and painful.

Chess experts advise: make fewer mistakes, then you will win more.

@fr08 You just replied like GM Benjamin Finegold. How to improve chess? Make less wrong moves or tip 999.99 cents to his twitch channel.

I mean do you think I don't know that? It happens suddenly. I am thinking and then I stop thinking, 1 second and duh,..its done.

Your still really good, way better than me. Though a suggestion might be analysis, to improve your chess.

You don't have to dedicate hours a day to get to 2000. It will probably take at least a couple of months, but if you play a couple of games per day and analyze your mistakes, you can train your brain to identify tactics and play accurately.

There is no shortcut to improving at chess. The human brain improves through experience, so just keep playing games. That's how I got to 2000 after 15 months of playing chess.

a half hour a day???? nope. now for somehting like chutes and ladders, candyland, or maybe parchessi, half an hour a day is good. for chess, you need an hour or two or more per day, imho. i don't do that, and look where i am. point proved. unrefutable. totally. 100%. absolutely. no question. absolutely no doubt. a sure fire ringer. or you could be like fischer and study 24/7 until you actually go bonkers, end up in a tokyo jail and live out the rest of your days in ............... iceland.

@punish001 It's all relative. I don't know how old you are (I suspect you're fairly young), but you're much better than I am and I've been playing chess for 40 years. I may never achieve your rating. But I play the game because, overall, it makes life more enjoyable. I take a lot of pleasure from the strategies and tactics and I like the game's overarching lesson that, "All things being equal, better thinking wins." Plus, the thrill of a hard-fought contest always gives a surge of adrenaline, no matter what your age.

If chess improves your quality of life, that's more important than a high rating. Pursue a high rating if you like, but try not to forget this.

@punish001 Switch to bullet 1+0. Even if you make a mistake, you can probably recover from it. This is advice from a 1531 so take it with a pinch of salt (especially because I win on time often in bullet games), but there is a reason why someone's bullet ratings are generally higher than any other rating... Also, just play 1 single game a day (or 3 or 4 if you want to) and get like 6 rating points gained per day. The road to 2000 won't be too bad if you just slowly accumulate rating points over, say, a few weeks.

You play a lot of 10+0 rapid. That is good: playe rapid & classical only. Hoever, use the time the control allows. In the nect game you were winning a piece with Bxe4, but instead you blunder and fall into a checkmate in 1 move. Of the allowed 10 minutes of thinking time you had 9 useless minutes felft on your clock. Slow down. Take time to think.
I also recommend to switch on move confirmation in your profile. Think about your move, play it, check it is no blunder, confirm it. Getting rid of blunders is the first step in getting better.

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