Donate this team now has got a 63.000 members!

One doesn't simply create a thread to announce something so unimportant.

The forums are meant to have discussions and this is leading to no such thing.

Why shouldn't I state my opinion ?
I am not a mod but people please don't be this destructive in the forums ( @ZwischenzugX11 & @EmRzzz )
Saying that a post is spam and countable as advertising is one thing and disregarding their ideas and being unrespectful is another
Destructive ?

I said #11 in a light-hearted manner.Also, we aren't really fighting or being 'destructive' here.
How is "also, did we ask" a non-destructive, light-hearted way of speaking? You are literally telling him to not talk, that is rude and truly confidence breaking

edit: forgot to @, @ZwischenzugX11

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