how to stop blundering pieces in blitz

Hi all

I like playing 3 minute blitz but i often blunder pieces.

Is there any tips anyone has on quickly assessing the board and seeing which squares are safe or not? When I do this properly I end up losing on time.


Bruce Wayne

There isn't much you can do. You just have to get better at finding out what squares are safe or what squares are not safe. You could also try going into your profile settings and turn on something (I forgot the name) but it allows you to type in your move so you don't tap on the wrong square. That may help. Otherwise, there isn't much you can do.

Yeah Jpokallus is correct. I suggest you play classical so you won;t blunder pieces due to your time clock. Don't play blitz until you have mastered not to blunder despite playing classical. Once you think you have beaten your odds you can go back to playing blitz again, see that you improve with your blundering nerves.

Play longer time controls to improve your blitz rating

3 min blitz is very fast and hard to play well without blundering a lot. You basically get 1-2 moves that you can think about and everything else is bullet speeds. Playing 3+2, 5+0 or 5+3 blitz will greatly reduce your blunder rate while still keeping a decent rate of play. I know for myself that my rating in 3+2 or 5+0 is at least 100 points higher than in 3+0 even though they are technically all blitz time controls.

Yes blitz is not good for you if you have not mastered it yet. I suggest you play slow time controls first and learn not to blunder often before trying your nerves on blitz.

When "time" is the driver of moves, chess gets bad. Why play bad chess? Why would you enjoy it? Play at a rate at which you can think and play correctly. This is not the same for everyone. Good luck.

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