How to recover banned account on lichess

Somebody banned my account for cheating, but I didn't do it And I am banned. How to recover This account?

Cheating: It's like mowing the lawn. If you cannot stop it keep it short.

Ask the lawn mowers of lichess.


The mods are performing well. No doubt, thank you!

(they'll keep the grass short for good)

You can choose write email to Lichess moderators ,you can write about that in Twitter etc.If you want to recover account then you should say them that you didn't cheated.I believe you aren't cheater.

No one knows for sure, except for you, your relatives, and the stalkers....

There is a huge problem with cheaters in a competitive arena (and people unfairly targeted as being cheaters): the number one response by both is "I didn't cheat"

You aren't sure that he cheated,soo.. we don't know if he cheated or no?


""Somebody banned my account for cheating""

It wasn't somebody, it was lichess moderators.

"", but I didn't do it And I am banned.""

Yes you did, I'm glad they work so well.

""How to recover This account?""

Learn the lesson.

For those of you, who is wondering, it was pretty easy to pick why is he a cheater.
Look at this game. The guy play a 29 moves game, with 7 average centipwan loss, and a classical rating of 1200, which kind of rating is the most inflated on lichess.
Ok, maybe he got extreme lucky to play a game like Carlsen or better. But if you look at the moves times, it clearly shows. He spent exactly between 10 and 15 seconds on every moves, also the extreme easy ones, 2nd 3rd moves, capturing hanging pieces, and also on the hard ones.
I think lichess moderators have better tools to recognize cheaters, but im sure whats the case here.