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  3. How to realize Development Advantage

I recently played this game with white pieces:

First 13 moves were fairly simple- I just developed all my pieces against his queen. However, by the 14th move I had completed my whole army development and I was very unsure about what to do.
I didn't see any pawn breaks or dynamic pawn structure changes I could implement in the position or a way to take advantage of my superior development.

I eventually decided on Nf3, trying to play e5 and opening some of my files. I still think I had something a bit more logical but I couldn't put my finger on it.

My question is, what are some possible ideas and questions to ask yourself after you've completed your basic development, on how you can improve or try to come up with a plan? Comments are appreciated. Thanks and Happy Checkmating!

A good tip someone told me is that after completing development and entering the middle game you should scan your opponent's camp for any possible weaknesses that might help you formulate a plan. If you can't see any then scan your own position and try and improve your worse piece. Maybe Rd2 to double the rooks. I'm a patzer but that would be my plan. Your move isn't that much worse than the computers move Nb5 so i'd say you did pretty well. Nice game

@NeverBeenTimid #2 Thanks for the advice. Well, I don't see any pawn weaknesses in either camp. All I see is that white's army is way better developed and white is ahead. I don't see any badly placed piece of mine or an obvious way to improve my position. Anything else you see that I don't?

Nope, I think you played better than I would have. My plan to double rooks lost a point in the evaluation. I don't think you can fault your Nf3. I get what you mean though, sometimes when you have a lead in development you know you are technically better but it's hard to find the best way to proceed. Especially in the position you posted with no pawn breaks. I guess just sensible moves like you played will give you an advantage.

Chess would be much easier without pawns.

Generally speaking: sometimes you cannot do it with pieces alone. Think about stuff like a2-a4 or generally pawns as levers.

By the way, here 14.Ndb5 looks really good as well. (Na7, Nd6 and so on).

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