How to react to draw offers!

Greetings fellow chessplayers! I hope you have been able to play a lot of chess now that there is corona. Today I would like to discuss a rather important chess topic. How to react when your opponents offer you a draw? On one hand it is tempting as you are not risking losing and can just go relax after the game. However in the long run this is counter-productive as you will not have the opportunity to learn from what would have happened further on in the game. Interestingly this is highly relevant for completely drawn positions. It becomes a skill to win these positions. The problem is many opponents will simply relax completely in these positions. Hence it will be difficult psychologically for them if you even present them with a small problem to solve. Furthermore, it is important to understand that losing is part of the game and the improvement process, hence it must be not feared. In the word's of Arnold Schwarzenegger "Don't be afraid of failure". A loser is not someone who loses, but someone who loses and quits.

Finally I would like to share a game where I declined a draw without hesitation:

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Kind regards, Noam

Thank you Balkus. Sometimes the best mindset when someone offers you a draw is to decline automatically.

Unless I feel like I'm in a winning position I'll always take the draw offer. End of the day a draw's better than a loss, and it just saves everyone time.

@TGBM95 depends on the position. I accept draw if my opponent has a better position or if the position is dead draw.

But most of the time i just say nope to draw offers.
The main reason is, because people often offer draw, when they are afraid. So i look deeper into the position and play a move that scares the opponent. Then the probability he makes a mistake is very high

Yes finishing a chess game earlier saves time. Using this mindset not playing a chess game saves even more time!

braunegefahr There is a quote that goes "When your opponent offers a draw, find out why he is worse"!

In blitz, my opponents sometimes make draw offer while they are clearly losing. I do nothing on purpose. This way, they lose time waiting for my answer, and finally play, which cancels the draw offer. No they're losing AND have no time left.