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  3. How to reach 2000 bullet ??

2000 bullet is the one goal I have never accomplished. Training led me to 1950 only. Now I have good mouse and fast internet, better chances. Any tips please ?

Dale mano, jogando 30s bullet acho meio fácil pegar 2000 bullet, sou mt ruim em xadrez mas por ser rápido no mouse mantenho 2000 de bullet sem grandes problemas, tenho certeza que tu pega também

Nowayouwin translate pls, want tips too

reaching 2000 in bullet is easy for me i just ignore what every book says and i ignore training i just play openings that are easy to play and premove lots and time is the most important thing not position if u want to reach 2000 in bullet that is what worked for me

U have to play fast and premove, but don't drip drop all your pieces. Hyper, 30 second is what got me to 2400, though I did drop back down, I went back there again

Hey Leon, I was basically saying that, for beginners in chess in general, I believe that the easiest way to reach 2000 in bullet is by playing hyperbullet (30s chess time control), because you dont really have to have a lot of knowledge of chess opennings and concepts in general, you just have to get used to the "safe premoves technique", lets put it that way. I can give myself as an example, I never played chess otb, I barely have 2 years of chess (exclusively online) and hand't studied anything, but I still can afford to hold a 2k bullet rating, even tho my blitz rating, for example, is something around 1800 or less here on lichess.Not to mention that 30s bullet is pretty addicting :).

Try (in 30s) to premove every other move and think 1 second in the other moves (to prevent bad premoves). You keep up a good pace and can punish the opponents wrong premoves.
Also train speed and play easy openings.

Nowayouwin thank you :)

LeoNikitas count on me bro :)

You're not 2000 bullet for the same reason I'm not 2200 :) Get better at chess and the rest will follow.

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