How to play fun chess

I have been playing 960 recently and it's just so boring. Both of us playing such boring chess, and it's not fun at all. I tried to play "fun" chess against a 2200 but it didn't feel right. I know this might sound weird, but how do you play fun chess? How do you have fun whilst playing chess? I'm willing to sacrifice rating for this :( chess just isn't as fun anymore. Thanks in advance, all responses are welcome!

960 is a bit slow. It takes several moves to reach a normal position.
Fun means a different thing to different people.
For some sacrificing for a attack is fun.
For some grinding a nearly equal endgame to a win is fun.
For some staunch defending and the some counterattack is fun.
For some 1 minute bullet games are fun.
For some a 2 year correspondence game is fun.
What is fun to you?

Play gambits and look to sacrifice material for initiative

That's actually an amazing question, NoobBatter.

The first time I saw chess, back in the 80s, a chill and thrill ran up my spine and the hair stood up on the back of my neck.
I knew that I would play chess for the rest of my life.


"Absence makes the heart grow fond." < - - - Very true.

I say, walk away and see if you can stay away.

If you're a natural born chess player, whom the chess-gods have called to play on the Sacred 64 for life, then there will be nothing that can keep you from coming back.

Odds are that in about a month's time, you'll come back to chess, more ferocious than ever, ready to immerse yourself with chess, and to take it to a whole new level.

That said, when you get back to chess, just study what you have questions about, and no more.
Sometimes that ambiguous and endless abyss of chess study can be COMPLETELY demotivating and deflating.

So make sure that when you redevelop an affinity for chess in your absence, that you keep it all about the fun when you get back. Learn to operate at your own pace. Make full enjoyment your #1 goal.


Look. Nobody stays on that exhilarating level forever with no ups and downs.

Chess is all about ups and downs whether we're discussing ratings or enthusiasm.

Very simple.


Also, when you come back, visit my channel and check out the first 10 videos. They were designed to mesmerize and throw gas on that "chess spark". Almost all of them are fundamental bangers, and that's where the real chess-treasure is.

To me, most of my videos show and prove fundamental lessons that are rewarding, exciting, enjoyable, exhilerating, and fun aspects of chess.

It might be worth a glance just to see if maybe some of them electrify you and might help kickstart that same passion for you.


I hope you enjoy and find yourself reinvigorated:

I stopped playing rated chess in 2009... after 10 years of rated play ICC. In 2010 I started playing on Lichess and been playing on the anonymous boards only...and I am having the time of my life playing chess without concern about my rating. I still do some studying...but all I really want to do is just play some chess...lots of chess. :]

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