How To Make Chess Exciting Again?


Capablanca chess? So, basically trade everything and torture the opponent in a rook and pawn endgame until the end of time?

The best solution is to stop watching over 2500 ELO players play. Problem solved.

To reduce draws, lower the draw score based upon the difference in rating.

To make chess really exciting, introduce a real penalty. You lose a game, you lose a kidney. I guarantee that you won't lose many games.

@horny-pawn This was the answer I expected, but I don't think seeing, for instance, Finegold naked would make anything interesting.

How about we lower the standarts:
Gm title with 2300 elo and three norms,
Im title with 2100 elo and two norm,
Fm title with 2000 elo and one norm
and most importantly: You get half a norm when you play the craziest/the most beautiful game in the tournament.

I would like to propose a thing: Whoever gets bored by superGM's games go get that GM title, reach 2750 elo and face another superGM to see what's happening there. Imagine if I am Carlsen and I want to reach 2900 elo in classical but I have to play "interesting" chess. Also, I have to point out that the initial position is equalish. So, if every side plays decent, there is no reason the game not to be drawn except losing on time. As Kasparov said: "Chess is a game of unlimited beauty". We don't need extra variants. Just some creativity, which means risk of losing. But I don't imagine anyone here says "Yay, I lost!!!!" when he loses. After all, if you want "interesting" chess go produce it yourself.

Here is my solution:

Pre arranged draw = lifetime ban from all competition for both players. $10’000 fine for anyone who knew and didn’t report it.
Draw early when there is life in position = $10’000 fine both players, and ban for 1 year from all competition.
A win = 2 points. And cash bonus.
Draw = neither player gets any points. And not even 1/2. Just zero.
Shorten time controls a bit.

You gonna see Giri play Latvian Gambit, I tell you.