how to improve, stuck in 1300-1400

Hello, iam a new player i think, 4000-5000 games played. 10 and 5 minutes.
I know this is a general question, but if you have to put your efforts in 3 topics, which would be?
I make this question because i watch a lot of random videos and dont have a training work.

I appreciate any help or ideas that help me improve my game

Have you tried to analyse your more serious games and, simultaneously, master games?

Bullet is the key to becoming better faster at early stages. You can basically lose your games and play awfully for 30 minutes per game, or you can lose your games and play awfully for 1 minute. You can play many more games in the same time frame and pick up on patterns and tactics that beat you more quickly.

Simply going through a bunch of randomly selected games of yours and players of your level should give you a clue as to what your key weaknesses are and how to map out a plan for improvement. My thoughts? Contrary to class A chess players and above where chess is consistent and even a few inaccuracies can cost a player a game, the advantage often fluctuates wildly within a game at your level of play. This is not because players are less steeped in theoretical knowledge of openings (which they are) but because mistakes and game-changing blunders are ubiquitous at that level. Improving is more a question of having a firm grasp of opening principles and chess fundamentals and playing consistently good moves (not necessarily "best") and making it through your games without blundering or making egregious mistakes too often. Furthermore, a strong tactical sense will always trump whatever advantage a good opening gives your opponent if he is tactically weaker than you are.

1. Tactics Tactics and Tactics. Practice Tactics whole day and for next 30 days. Get a started in tactics from any beginners book and from internet.
2. Read "How not to play chess" book.
3. Next read these books
a. Amateurs mind - Silman
b. The Art of the Middle Game - Paul Keres
c. Logical chess move by move - Irving chernev
4. Learn basic endgame theory Pawn vs Pawn, Rook+Pawn vs Rook.

Once you do these, its time for some practice.

1. Learn all middlegame techniques. eg; passed pawn creation, avoiding doubled pawns, creating double pawns for your enemy, controlling files, diagonals, reaching 7th rank etc.
2. Now, play games targeting only 1 middlegame technique at a time. For example, play keeping controlling a file theme in mind. If you can control a file you want, consider yourself winning. This way you will learn middlegame phase slowly.
3. Exeter chess club has some very good advice. Read it.

Playing much is not bad as long as you analyze your games. HAVE YOU DONE THAT?

To get a good sense on positional chess and strategic chess, write studies on every game you play for 50 games [After that you can figure out fairly easily where you went wrong in a game]

For tactics and ideas go on if you want to pay [I tried it and I can say its worth the money]

Theory, prep, and endgame can be found in grand master games and YouTube. [Saint Louis Chess Club is the best for grand master games while thechesswebsite and Hanging Pawns are the best channels for opening theory.]

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