How to have multiple games in one PGN?

I've seen it in other chess software but so far I've not been able to get it to work when pasting in PGNs into an analysis board or even study.
I know you can click "add chapter" in study but I don't want to have to do mouseclicks and paste in game PGNs one at a time. I want to be able to import a PGN somewhere into Lichess that already has multiple games.
What happens when I try it so far is it will just accept the first game and truncate off the rest.
Can anyone help?

You can import PGNs with multiple games in studies

Oh so you can. When I tried it before I thought it wasn't working because I saw only the first game but as it turns out it automatically puts each additional game in its own chapter. Great, thanks.


Not sure if this is helpful but.. did you try to add a multiple-game PGN to a study that already has 63 chapters? If there are already 63 chapters in the study, only the first game of a valid PGN will be added - the rest are truncated. (There is a limit of 20 games in a valid PGN file and a limit of 64 chapters in a study.)

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