How to get game experience against openings.

In the case that I have a tournament game to prepare for, I know (pretty much) what my opponent will play. I can go through theory to prepare, try to do memorisation and whatnot. But what I would much prefer is to actually play a string of games in that opening (at slowish controls). Obviously, the problem is that I am unlikely to see the opening that I want. Is there a way you guys do this?

e.g. If I have an OTB game coming up against someone who I know plays the Caro-Kann, I want to get a few slow games in against the Caro-Kann so that I am used to those structures etc. I know the basics of my lines against the Caro-Kann, and could go over them again. But here on Lichess, I very rarely have opponents play the Caro-Kann against 1.e4. So I can't really remind myself of what my middlegames look like before going in against that opponent.

I'm interested in how others go about this.

(The themed arenas would be quite good for this if you had the luck to have one come up with the opening you needed when you wanted it.)

There are free and commercial programs that will allow you to create an opening book and then play an engine that plays out of that book. A free one that has a simple to use interface is "The Tarrasch GUI".

Get someone to play it with you. Post in the forum, "anyone want to play Carro Kan against me?" There you go

You can invite me to play any openings of your choice. You must invite me early so we can set a time convenient for both of us.

Thanks Ryan, I have followed you and may take you up on that in future.

@ProposeBurgers You are right. But the arenas are unlikely to be scheduled when you want them. Can you link an example of such a team?

And you can ask the participants of such an arena if they want to practice the opening with you.

"The best way to learn endings, as well as openings, is from the games of the masters." - Capablanca
Study some master games, e.g. from Karpov