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  3. How to defend against the Bowdler attack in the Sicilian defense?

Hello everyone. i constantly lose as black if white plays 2. Bc4 after 1. c5 in response to 1. e4.
Can anyone provide me with any helpful suggestions or games from which i can learn to win or defend against the Bowdler? Thank you.

Here is an example of how badly i lost, or lose to this particular line or attack.

The problems you had in this game are definitly not cause out of the opening. The mistakes you made have nothing to do with the opening itself. For example blundering mate in 1 at the end. Generally using the Bowdler attack as white is a really bad opening and black's position was already better after a few moves.

The best advice I can give you: Stop blundering material and you will have an easy game agains this attack.

Stop playing the Sicilian and trying to be like everyone else.

@ClujMahal +1 agree.

Well, just try not to blunder i guess?

Seriously, the opening is not an "evil weapon against black that wons every game. It's pretty bad actually. Just improve your game.

This Bowdler attack is not as bad as they say. Adolf Andersen used to play it. 3 Qf3 is bad however. You did not lose because of the opening.